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Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, San Francisco, Jesus, Sins, Repentance and Anointing - Brother Elvi Zapat

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This is from the Lord's Hour on August 17, 2015. Brother Elvi Zapata emphasizes the importance of repentance and prayer. He is talking about spiritual warfare in 2 Corinthians chapter 10. Many people still not aware of it but we are in the spiritual battles everyday. He is talking about abortion and homosexuality. He is warning something horrible event coming in San Francisco which is most likely mega-earthquake. Brother Elvi cited John 15:1-8 about the vine and its branches. We have to abide in Jesus all the time. Without Jesus, we are nothing. Brother Elvi saw a vision that one of famous evangelist was remaining during the great tribulation. There are more accountability for the pastors, evangelists and church leader. He said the time is short. So we must be ready for coming Messiah all the time.

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prayer, spiritual warfare, San Francisco, Elvi Zapata, the Lord's Hour, end times, Jesus Christ, the Vine, the branches, sins, repent, anointing, pastors

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