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My 3 year old says Rapture is coming soon - Rapture DreaM

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Rev 3:11, James 1:12, 2 Timothy 4:8, Rev. 4:4, Revelation 19:14-21

My son just woke up with this Rapture Dream.. He said Jesus took us to Heaven and he saw many "kings and princesses".. The book of Revelation, James, & 2 Timothy tells us how the Saints will receive a crown in heaven... He said we had on "Jesus shirts" and he saw many people in heaven.. He said there were many soldiers that Jesus gave him a "sword" to defeat. He said I was with him. He said Jesus killed all the soldiers... He told me great men of the Bible he saw in Heaven such as "Moses, John, & Joshua".. I give God all the honor, glory, & praise for my children and the Holy Ghost Fire of God that surrounds and protects them..

Please if you don't know Jesus. .. Repent from all your sins and Accept Him today. The gift of Salvation is free. Ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord & Savior today...

Thank you Jesus

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