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This section was opened for anyone in need of prayer, so if you need prayer for whatever reason, please go ahead and post your prayer request in a comment below. All of us know very well that the power of a true Christian comes from Father God, The Son our Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, specifically through the divine authority and power that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ left to his Church, which in turn is the Bride of Christ, and which in turn is the Body of Believers of Christ.  The Church is the body and Christ is its head. In order to release the full power of prayer is necessary to take some key and very important steps:

  • - You must repent
  • - You must confess all of your sins committed during your entire life
  • - You must forgive everybody
  • - You must confess your daily sins, pray and repent on a daily basis
  • - You must let go any temptations, let them go
  • - You must live a holy life

If you adopt these previous steps, then your prayers will become extremely stronger and exceptionally powerful to a high degree as the sacred scriptures of the Holy Bible state on this video teaching:

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  • Tatiana Batchelor

    Please pray for me, my name is Tatiana Raquel Batchelor i'm 19 years old in Novato California. Thanks.

  • Gerald kmiecik

    Please pray for me and my family please pray we don't have covid 19 my dad has a bad cough and I fear it's covid 19 just please pray it's not covid 19 and pray that god protect us in his blood in Jesus name amen

  • BncKfs

    hi, my name is Mary Fernandez. Please pray for me to receive total healing from a stroke I had in December and also a brain aneurysm that has been detected. I’ll be going back for a review in a years time so please pray for a miracle for it to be completely gone in Jesus name.

    Thank you :pray_tone1::pray_tone1:

  • Rosie Rodriguez

    Please pray for my nephew he has been admitted in the hospital because he has bronchitis n such more. He's only five months old :pensive:

  • Administrador Banned

    Blessings sister Clyde, today we have prayed for your recovery, please keep praying everyday and do not stop the cycle of daily prayer. God bless you in our Lord Jesus name, amen

  • Clyde Anthony Fernandez

    Please pray for my health. I'm suffering from disc herniation, ulcer and last April 2016 i was bitten by a puppy and just august 9 and up to this moment the scar is aching and i don't know what to do but to pray to our Lord for healing , Please join me in prayer for complete healing thank you.

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