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The Time is Over and the Door Will be Shut Down (Rapture Ready) - Brother Elvi Zapata

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Brother Elvi Zapata shares someone else vision of closing the door. He said that the time is over. I believe that we don't have time any more in the spiritual realms. Nobody know the day and hour so we must be ready all the time.

Jesus is coming very soon! It is time to repent at least several times a day! It is time to fast! Tomorrow is the day of the solar eclipse. I recommend you to do fasting from tomorrow to the Easter Sunday for the next 16 days with eating one meal a day. I have been fasting one meal a day since February 18. It is really blessing for me. So many miracles happened while I have been fasting. Fasting makes your spirit stronger. Jesus is coming very soon! So be ready all the time! God bless you!

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