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Faith, Angels, Prayer, Rapture, Anointing and Being Ready as Brides of Jesus – Brother Elvi Zapata,

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In this video, brother Elvi Zapata talks about having faith and trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. He shares the dream he received about the rapture, where he saw that, children were left behind. He shares the experiences that the Lord allowed him to have with some of God’s creation, such as archangels. He talks about the corrupted and evil the government of the United States of America and how they are bringing the United States of America down to destruction. He prays for Gods children and encourages them to pray. He teaches on the anointing of God and shares other revelations he has received from the Lord. This is from the Lords Hour November 17, 2015.

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Holiness, Elvi Zapata, Holy Spirit, Righteousness, Prayer, Rapture, Faith, Angels, Bride of Jesus, Anointing, End times, Coming of the Lord, Antichrist, heaven, Demon Aliens, Tribulation, God Father, left behind, Judgment, sin

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